Our Pilot Project in Blue Earth, MN.

the Three Sisters

Faribault County has been selected as the home for the first Rural Renaissance Project site, starting with the renovation of the Three Sisters buildings in Blue Earth, Minnesota.

Upon completion, the buildings will house several local businesses, such as an art gallery, wine/coffee bar, restaurant/bakery/café and tech company.

The project plans also include an art studio, commercial test kitchen and performance venue, providing opportunities for community education and cultural experiences.

Rendering of the 3 Sisters buildings in Blue Earth, MN.

Rendering of the 3 Sisters buildings in Blue Earth, MN.

Our Starting Point

This is the current state of the 3 sisters buildings. With funding these buildings will be the new home for local businesses. Spaces will be built out for each of our five pillars:

1. Tech: Office space • Meeting areas • Co-working

2. Arts & Culture:  Art gallery • Event space • Art studios and production facilities • Wine bar / coffee shop / bookstore

3. Local Foods:  Restaurant • Pantry

4. Health & Wellness: Dining & classroom • Test Kitchen

5. Internet / Water / Energy: Building mechanicals and shared facilities (restrooms, kitchens, internet connectivity)


Future Sites

The Three Sisters Project in Blue Earth is our first project site planned, with many more to follow! Subscribe to our newsletter to learn about project progress, upcoming events and activities, and opportunities to nominate your community as a potential future site.